New Rules: Purpose and Definitions

This posting contains terms and definitions which help the reader understand subjects contained in following postings. This page will be updated with additional terms and definitions as discussions are posted to this category.

Purpose of the New Rules Category:

New Rules explains WHY specific problems exist within the US economic, legal, and political systems. Explanations are above-board and direct. Put it in simple terms, the entries are BLUNT.

The indisputable fact is the U.S. is NOT leading anything . . . at least in the correct direction.

Leadership of the nation is as Dracula, sucking on the blood of the nation. This may seem an exaggeration, however, you are not asked to be persuaded by this writer. You are asked to look around and observe . . . then you decide and participate in your community as appropriate.

The discussion is based on logical and understandable principles. NO group or individual is singled out or judged.

Terms to review:

Ignorance: A person who lacks knowledge, is unaware of something or chooses to subjectively ignore information.

Stupidity: A quality or state of being stupid, or an act or idea that exhibits properties of being stupid . . . an idiot (idiocy). “Idiots” are seen as having bad judgment in public and political matters.

How these terms apply:

An example of a current issue, healthcare, will demonstrate the application of these three terms:

1). A representative without knowledge of medicine or the contents of the healthcare bill may be categorized as ignorant on the subject.

2). A representative preparing to vote on the healthcare bill without pursuing knowledge and understanding of the bill, may be categorized as stupid.

3). A representative who is both ignorant of the subject and did not pursue knowledge and understanding prior to voting may be categorized as an idiot . . . Idiots” are seen as having bad judgment in public and political matters.

Therefore, it is possible for a representative in this case to be ignorant, stupid and an idiot at the same time.

The level of education or years of experience are not a consideration when observing individual or group actions.

Highly educated and experienced individuals and groups can take either correct or incorrect actions;

While under-educated and inexperienced individuals and groups can also take either correct or incorrect actions on the same issue.


Issues to be addressed are listed in the “New Rules” category.

What is to be demonstrated for the reader is that rules enacted as legislation or regulation rarely consider the consequences of the act, and are rarely in response to the cause of an issue.

Far too often actions taken address a symptom, not a cause, and do not improve a situation.

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