The Mammoth Momentum Problem: The Fiscal Cliff

Everyone loves a winner! When looking for a group or issue to support it is common for joiners to assume that the group or issue with the most followers, or making the most noise, is where joiners want to be . . . why go against the crowd?

Joiners become believers, even without an understanding of the underlying principles (cultural dynamics, laws, regulations, scientific evidence), and even ignore their own academic knowledge and personal experience to become a member of the group. Everyone loves a winner!

Frequently momentum in a specific direction by a group or issue is created when the principles which should be applied to evaluate the group or issue are overlooked . . . given cursory credit, and then supported by some unsuspecting or unqualified major figurehead or media source.

A mammoth momentum problem is created when the group or issue has succeeded in advancing to the extreme of a direction . . . a place which may seem as a point of infinity . . . where it can go no further without withdrawing to a previous safe place.

“Advance too far out from the trunk of the tree . . . and the branch will bend to the ground or finally break . . . leaving the adventurous on the ground where they started!”

On the way down, some will change direction and return to a safer place before ending up in the mud . . . others will blindly follow to the end. Upon reaching the mud, no one will be found to claim ownership of the issue.

For the fortunate, the mammoth momentum problem is a full-circle experience which leads back to the time honored principles of true liberty, democracy, leadership and commerce. For the unfortunate . . . fortune and existence is the past . . . it can be read about but not experienced.

Examples of recent mammoth momentum problems:

1978 Congress: Deregulation of banking and elimination of the upper limit on interest rates. Led to banks speculating in development of commercial real estate and repeated financial crises.

2000 Congress: Transferring control of U.S. Trade to the World Trade Organization via establishing China as permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) partner. Establishment of the subprime mortgage process. Led to escalating trade imbalance and loss of over 10 million jobs, $20 trillion in GDP, and $10 trillion in lost tax revenues.

2008 Congress: The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to purchase equity from financial institutions to strengthen the financial sector as a result of the subprime mortgages. Led to loss of investors equity in homes, savings interest, and retirement program assets.

The Mammoth Momentum Problem was created by the U.S. government in Washington with the assistance and influence of international socialist governments which have themselves ventured too far out on the limb.

Result: An International Fiscal Cliff

Some would say this is the result of trying it their way . . . that is the way of business and industry . . . when in reality, it is the way of a socialist movement . . . a government. A government led by joiners wanting to enjoy the attention of being seen as a winner, even if following a false assumption. Winning can be losing.

They are on the way to the mud and taking all the citizens with them . . . it is an irrefutable fact of their academic knowledge and personal experience. The question is – “Will they walk back on the branch or hit the mud?”

Throughout history advisors have given false direction to unsuspecting or unqualified major figureheads and media sources. Why you ask? They are false prophets drinking the wine of celebration. They can be seen after-the-fact stating “They do not recall” or “They did not see it coming” . . . all the while knowing the ending would destroy the dreams of the citizens. They are false prophets, they mislead congress and are frequently members of congress.

This fiscal cliff is the result of unbalanced trade and social transfer of funds rather than maintaining the interests of the U.S. first.

The unsuspecting and unqualified have been put forward as shields for the movements of others.