Never Forget

This is a standing post regarding our responsibilities as citizens. The Constitution and Bill of Rights provide a foundation for the American Family of which we are all members. As such, we are expected to support and defend them to ensure every member of our family is supported and treated with dignity.

Members of the executive, legislative and judicial branches have been elected and appointed by the citizens. They have taken a solemn oath to manage the affairs of our country on behalf of, and in support of all citizens.

Therefore, to ensure objectivity and balance in governmental activities, it is the responsibility of all citizens to continually acknowledge the actions of our government and praise or provide critical comment as the situation dictates.

Never Forget: Our elected representatives, when failing to sense our presence, will frequently succumb to manipulated legal extremes which are more frequently unethical and harmful to the citizens.

Voting occurs regularly . . . citizen stewardship is an everyday responsibility . . . and violence is not a solution.

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