2016 SOTU: Opportunity, History and Destiny

President Obama will speak to the nation, and an interested World tonight. As he delivers the State of the Union address, the content of the speech is unknown for sure. However, it is useful to consider previous opportunities; the history of actions taken; and the destiny of the nation.

Opportunities to affect positive change for citizens have been hampered by actions of the 1992–2000 administrations in ways that place the nation at a perilous point in history. They are essentially the root cause of economic collapse, lost employment opportunities, deteriorating international influence, and loss of the wealth of citizens.

In the face of this adversity, the administrations of 2008-2016 have managed to put changes in place, albeit a start, for healthcare and conservation. And, by significantly withdrawing from military action in the Mideast, awakened the World to the real character of government states in the region. By not taking significant action in current events, placed Europe and the World on notice, that it is time for them to stand-up and protect their own interests.

The foregoing are the opportunities and history of the past. Going forward, to move beyond this perilous point in history, the president must seize the opportunity to unite without criticism, in reestablishing the economic base of the nation, which is the pivotal point for all other issues.

It must be acknowledged that the lopsided international trade situation created by the 1992-2000 administrations has cost the nation over twenty-two (22) trillion dollars in lost gross domestic product (GDP). And, resulted in over eleven (11) trillion dollars in uncollected taxes and fees. This must be corrected with the application of the same strategy and tactics of war-time logic . . . full mobilization to fix it.

It must be acknowledged that the inability to maintain the infrastructure is a result of off-shoring jobs which build foreign economies and infrastructures.

It must be acknowledged that to maintain the security of the nation, revitalization is necessary. Security, the prime charge of government provides jobs, enhances technical capabilities through development, and develops and maintains infrastructure.

It must be acknowledged that the real cost of imported goods is not limited to the purchase cost and sales price . . . but incurs unemployment, loss of skills, loss of self-reliance and respect . . . and is offset by unemployment insurance, food stamps, and healthcare costs paid by the government borrowing funds.

It must be acknowledged that seeking the cheapest solution, is in the final analysis, exactly that . . . a solution that focuses on symptoms rather than causes . . . and results in continual failure to make positive progress for the future.

It must be acknowledged that the US must regain the reputation it once held.

The opportunities are present, history will record, and destiny will not wait.

Will President Obama make government whole and set his destiny on a positive course?

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