Stormy Weather

Sports and politics or the weather, it’s storming time. Maybe it will become normal soon, maybe not. This site is about exactly that.

Really! What has happened in the world of politics? It seems a lot like the end of the fourth quarter in football, where the team in the lead gives ground to the oncoming underdog. And, far too often that slack results in a loss! What kind of strategy is that?

Extend that to politics and you have a loss at the end of every election term.

I’m having a beer and eating some pizza while dreaming up some critical comment on government. It is unlikely Washington has the spine to do what is right. Donald Trump is shaking the trees and the monkeys are climbing to higher ground.

All the wise guys are suggesting Trump is in it just for the show. Actually, they are hoping that is the case. Why? Because if he keeps speaking the truth out loud, they won’t know what to do . . . they can’t hide forever!

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