China’s Future MEGA PROJECTS

China has become a major economy and is building a supersized footprint in Asia consisting of territorial expansion and military growth.

Assisting in this movement, has been investment in, and political alignment from government leaders in the U.S. and Europe. Although benefiting the politically powerful, citizens of the U.S. and Europe are being harmed economically.

It is frequently said that lower costs of China's products exported to foreign countries benefits their economy. This claim is a false one, in that it results in unemployment, strife and crime in the communities unemployed.

The result is government spending on unemployment, health care, food stamps and other subsidies. Accompanying this, is the increased cost in domestic security, and casualties resulting from increased crime.

To accurately assess the effect of imported goods, increased costs of government subsidies, and the loss of skills of citizens must be added to the import costs of products and services.

In the U.S. this results in a loss of over 22 Trillion dollars of lost GDP and 11 Trillion dollars in taxes and fees not collected since 1992. Unbalanced trade has devastated the U.S. and severely degraded national security.

Bottom line: Politicians have moved the country past the point of no return in displacing a Democracy (republic) with Socialism. And are on the way to creating an Oligarchy form of government where only a few individuals control "absolutely." The people are no longer free, but becoming servants to the oligarchy with a puppet representing president.

The U.S. Government Oligarchy is using the citizens to pay for the expansion of China while individually profiting from it.