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The “Big Board” in the communications center is a tongue in cheek expression for somewhere to collate tools (apps) that can be used in the Control Room or Communications Center (COM) by members of the organization, company, or individual user. It can be kept private or published openly.

The New Future Guide “Big Board” allows quick access to create and update WordPress and Twitter postings which can be used together as an effective information publication system.

Twitter “Widgets” are created and placed inside a table on web pages. Widgets can be set to select tweets from a source listed on Twitter account images and links are embedded below.

Selecting an image will open an account to view current submissions. Users with accounts can login and update the streams.

Currently, there are a wide variety of tools (apps), and information sources available. Some examples are shown below.

Communications Center Notes:

An independent website for a small business or personal use is relatively easy to create. Several online sites offer guidance from the planning to publishing phases.

Once a site is published, the function of timely managing changes becomes a frequent task and will need budgeting for funds and time.

As a rule of thumb, local sites for a small business, profession or personal use, which provide information only, are relatively inexpensive, and quickly achieved.

With the addition of online registration, shopping, and advertising, the website will require professional support to function effectively.

Responsibility for security of customer information, shipping and returns, and banking require an ongoing effort. Complexity of the supporting web resources also increase.

Employees with the necessary skills are required, or the tasks can be outsourced. Before initiating the process of going live with a website, complete the planning process.

There is never a last word on the subject of digital media. A starting point to review the complexity of the subject can be found at Wikipedia.

As the effort grows larger, the need for supporting professional services require additional budgeting. Done well, it should improve profit.

Some Web Site Development Tools: (referenced during phases of website development.)

Search Engine Watch - Need to know if the website is to be a success.

BITLAW - Legal issues involved with the creation of a website. Used as a reference.

IP Tracker - A simple IP (internet protocol) address tracking tool to lookup who is following the website.

Broadband Internet - Detailed 2020 statistics with up-to-date internet user information and data. Resources for SEO efforts from Broadband Search.

Netcraft - Internet security and data mining service which routinely verifies each website server of significance and reports the status of several site services. Great for looking up who is using which technology.

Hosting Review - Rates top 10 hosting services by price, sales, up-time speed, customer reviews, editors reviews, and provides a score index. Good for first time users to review.

W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community of member organizations with a full-time staff. WC3 creates the standards and specifications for the internet.