College Bound Students:

Technical degrees in science or engineering can include three years of math including two in calculus; and two or three years of science including labs completed at a two or four year school.

Junior College Bound Students:

Requirements are for specialization in a field of employment including network technician, medical and lab technician, accounting assistant, office management, automotive maintenance and more.

Learners and Company Programs:

Online Open Learning (OOL) provides free courses and low cost certificate programs which may include video lectures, syllabus, and references.

Independent public schools offer K-12 students online tuition-free accredited education. Search by Location (state) and grade level for states with online offerings.

Best Online Schools in America.

XPro is a new name for TweetDeck, a powerful, real-time tool for people who use "X". XPro lets you manage multiple X accounts, monitor posts and reposts, create lists and collections, schedule posts, and more.

To use XPro, you need to have a verified X account and a Blue subscription which may require a monthly fee. XPro signin screen can be recahed by clicking the XPro banner above. After signing in or signing up, you will see a dashboard with different columns that you can customize according to your preferences.

You can add or remove columns by clicking on the + icon at the top right corner of the screen. You can also change the theme, font size, and notification settings from the menu at the bottom left corner of the screen.

XPro is still in development and some features are not yet available, such as multi-user support and advanced analytics. You can also use the legacy version of XPro, which is based on the old TweetDeck interface, by clicking on the banner above.

For more information, search "How to use XPro real-time Twitter Tool?" on (Microsoft Bing).

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that lets you chat, call, meet, and work with your colleagues and partners. You can use Teams to create teams and channels, share files and messages, schedule meetings and events, use apps and tools, and more.

To use Microsoft Teams, you need to have a Microsoft 365 account and download the Teams app on your device. You can sigup for Teams on the web by going to the banner above.

Select the "HOME" and Free tabs. Once you have Teams, you can sign in with your Microsoft 365 credentials and start exploring the Teams interface.

The Teams interface has four main tabs: Activity, Chat, Teams, and Calendar. You can switch between them by clicking on the icons on the left sidebar. You can also access other features and settings from the menu on the bottom left corner. Settings for (1) Activity, (2) Chat, (3) Teams, and (4) Calendar.

For more information, search "How to use Microsoft Teams?" on (Microsoft Bing).