Online Education Resources

A partial list of resources available to assist in creating a connected and integrated education system. Schools and organizations may provide information on Learning Management Systems (LMS). What is clear, is that over time, information and tools are increasingly available as a public service. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of each school and organization apply.

TWiT - Leo Laport

Live streaming video. Tech news, reviews, help and how-to. The latest information and demos on personal and future tools.

TWiT - Live Schedule

Printable Schedule. Weekly and monthly schedules with a date and time agenda.

** Google and Labster

VR in classrooms around the world. Labs online from anywhere.


Department of Education


Fingertip Facts on Education in California

Amazon Education

Amazon Inspire is a service for the search, discovery and distribution of digital education resources. The connected classroom.

Google for Education

Google for education can support teachers, learners, researchers and organizations.

Google Shake Up Learning

Destination for classroom technology resources. Integration ideas, guides, mobile learing apps and social media tips.


Learning Navigator, a free online platform with educational resources and course materials.

iTunes Education

Apple products put complete freedom of expression in the hands of every student who uses them.

Microsoft Education

Students will create the world of tomorrow. With the right tools, everything is possible.

PowerSchool Learning

A complete school Learning Management System (LMS). Empowers teachers with real-time student interaction.


School Learning Management System (LMS): Innovative technologies and services for achieving educational goals.

School Loop

School Learning Management System (LMS): Innovative technologies and services for achieving educational goals.


The National Center for College and Career.


PreK-12 and higher education digital platforms. The science of learning meets the art of teaching.


Safari Learning Platform live online courses. Books and video training from 200+ publishers


Connect, extend, and expand learning with interactive content that meets learners where they are.

California Educatiors Together

California's Educator Community of Practice. Classroom-ready materials from high-quality providers free for educatiors.

Learn faster, Stay motivated, Study smarter. Plans - Courses - Credit

Future Ready Schools

Helps K-12 public, private and charter schools implement digital learning strategies.

Office of Educational Tech.

U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology (OET). Educational technology policy.

Int'l Society for Tech. in Ed.

ISTE: Community of global educators who believe in the power of technology to transform teaching and learning.

STEMconnector A professional services firm committed to increasing the number of STEM workers in the global talent pool.

Online Open Learning

Interconnected learning environments

U.S. News

Educataion: 4 Times Taking a Free Online Course Makes Sense.

K12 Online Schools

Tuition-Free K-12 accredited schools. Traditional core subjects.

Connected Learning Alliance

Students pursuing personal interests with the support of peers and mentors. Students designing their program of study.


2018 Best Online Elementary, Middle and High Schools in California.

San Diego Virtual School

Real classes, teachers, education all online, free and tailored to the student. Accredited by WASC.

Research Resources

Journals, library references etc..


Current indexed and approved journals.


Wiley Open Access Online Journal Library